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Instrument Inventor 


Guzheng Performer

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Plectra Series 5 Guzheng Sample Pack

During the summer of 2017, Qianqian collaborated with the Impact SoundWorks Sample Library Company and recorded over 50 GB of Guzheng samples using various techniques and tools to augment the capacity of the traditional Chinese instrument so it is available to more composers.


On the Edge of Darkness

Composer & Guzheng: Qianqian Jin

Piano & Visual:Molly Monahan

Live Performance Presented at the International Computer Music Conference in Shanghai


Guzheng Performer

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Studio performance of the movie "Buddha" theme track

Dance of Yao 

Prismatic - IQ Promo Video 

features a live electro-acoustic performance produced by QJin and Idea Unsound

Video Game Mortal Kombat 11

 Qianqian participated the main theme performance as a solo instrumentalist.  

More Videos

Instrument Inventor 

Meet QJin-2019


3D Sketch of QJin MIDI Zither

Coming Soon!

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QJin Instrument

Guthman International Instrument Building Competition Top12 Finalist

The QJin is a customized MIDI controller for a Guzheng (a Chinese classical zither).  It is not only a MIDI controller , but it has a built-in amplification system to augment its capacity for live performance and sound design. A built-in arduino board that supports MIDI allows the performer to connect to any MIDI compatible music software. 

QJin Instrument

QJin Instrument demonstrated result as a Top 12 Finalist for the Guthman International Instrument Building Competition at the Georgia Institute of Technology


"Qianqian Jin is forging her own path to stand out with unmatched originality." – SFCM Journal

Qianqian Jin is an award-winning performing artist with 17 years of international experience in professional audio production. She began her Eastern classical training as a Guzheng player at the age of eight and received an education in Western music specializing as a digital composer at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She is also known for Video Game theme track performances, such as Mortal Kombat 11 and Evergate. 

Qianqian has a strong motivation and drive for technical innovation. She is a musical instrument inventor, having invented the world’s first customized MIDI controller for Guzheng ( Chinese classical zither). Her invention placed her as a top 12 finalist in the 2019 Guthman international instrument building competition.



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